Why I do what I do

I Want to Help

I help people who are curious about open and polyamorous relationships. Whether it's research, public speaking, or coaching services,  I want to help others navigate this sometimes tricky journey to find out what's right for them.  

On the road to RELATIONSHIP clarity

Helping you Understand Your Needs


I speak, educate, and advocate on behalf of those in alternative relationships. I teach classes to help people better understand their interpersonal needs and find out more about polyamory and open relationships. I also present and perform research on alternative relationship styles.  

My pragmatic approach blends a Master's in communication, training in conflict management, years of teaching and training experience and an open-minded coaching style to help people decide what relationship style is right for them

In addition to public speaking, I coach people throughout the US and western Europe via Skype or Zoom. This allows you privacy and me the flexibility I want to serve a wide array of people. 


My Relationships on Your Terms coaching package was designed to help guide clients through a self-discovery process that enables them to better understand various relationship styles and successfully determine how to change or enhance their relationships. 

In this 90-day program, we'll

  • Analyze various relationship styles
  • Discuss our human need for compassion, belonging, and self-esteem
  • Determine what relationship style is a good fit
  • Learn about best practices to make your style work for you

My goal for you in these 90-days is to give you the resources you need to decide what kind of relationships you want. You'll have tools to successfully navigate inevitable challenges in a way that actually strengthens your bond with your partner(s).

Still curious? Let's talk. It's free and comes with no obligation other than showing up fully present and ready to talk. You've got nothing to lose except confusion.  

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