The Personal Side

Falling Into Polyamory

Six years ago my husband and I decided to open our marriage. The process was sometimes difficult and really tested our limits. But it also strengthened our bond. 

Our journey into Poly was a bumpy ride. We felt like we were stumbling through the dark. This situation brought forth all my insecurities and I wasn't sure of anything at the time.

You can read more on my "You still date?!" page.

A Battle Worth Fighting

The journey into a happily polyamorous marriage wasn't easy but it was well worth it. I am joyfully open to new experiences and my life has been enriched by welcoming others into it in a way that wasn't possible before. 

 I can help you navigate this uncharted territory and establish a new way of relating to others that works for you and your partner(s).  

The Professional Side


Professional Journey

I have worked in professional development for over 10 years. I enjoyed a role as a career coach for several years before expanding into life and relationship coaching. I'm now a certified coach through the Coach Training Alliance. 

Educational Journey

My Master's degree in Communication gave me a starting place to study conflict management. Many of those principles were invaluable in helping me navigate relationships of all kinds- work, family, friends, and romantic partners.  I've continued to study how people can build and strengthen relationships. 

Coaching Others to Better Relationships

My passion is using my knowledge and experience to help others. My coaching style is co-creative meaning that I work with you to create the life YOU want. My only goal for you is to feel better and have stronger partnerships, whether you choose monogamy or another relationship style. 

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