Education & Advocacy for all Relationship Types

Education & Advocacy for all Relationship Types

Education & Advocacy for all Relationship TypesEducation & Advocacy for all Relationship TypesEducation & Advocacy for all Relationship Types

Relationships: the key to happiness

Relationships on Your Terms

My mission is education and advocacy for ALL relationship types. Monogamy is right for some, polyamory is right for others, and the single life with lots of great friends is the best path for some. 

I am focused on education about and advocacy for "other" relationships. I work to raise awareness of research on alternative relationship styles, perform my own research on relationships dynamics, and teach classes on having healthy relationships of all types. My MA in Communication provides a good basis from which to help others understand themselves in relation to others. I also provide relationship coaching services on a limited basis.

For me, advocacy means public support for the types of relationships that are often on the receiving ends of criticism, skepticism, and denigration. Open relationships are not right for everyone, but neither is monogamy. 

I want to help people

  • Identify their needs and get them met
  • Navigate setting new boundaries that work for them and their partner(s)
  • Resolve and even prevent conflicts
  • Find stable footing in their relationships


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About Lindsay

Experienced in polyamory, relationship coaching,  & conflict management. relationships. 

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What Others are Saying

Sarah K.

Lindsay's understanding of communication helped answer my relationship questions. Her insight into building open, healthy relationships and maintaining trust was very helpful. 

Poppy D.

Lindsay helped me realize there are different blueprints for relationships and through the discovery of Polyamory I discovered myself. 

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