Relationship Coaching for Open Relationships

Relationship Coaching

Relationships on Your Terms

Your relationship was moving along nicely. You two are connected, building a life together, and happy. Then someone, maybe you, maybe your partner, brought up polyamory. 

Now you and your partner are confused. How would this different relationship style work? What about jealousy? If monogamy isn't the rule any more, then what ARE the rules? Are we making a terrible mistake? Is this the beginning of the end of you two? Where the hell do we go from here?

Maybe you're scared, baffled, and freaking out a little. I've been right where you are so I know how difficult this can be to navigate. I can tell you from experience that you can continue to muddle through and probably make a go of it. Or you can be smarter than I was and reach out for a coach who can help.  

Relationship coaching can help you

  • Identify your needs and get them met
  • Navigate setting new boundaries that work for you and your partner(s)
  • Resolve and even prevent conflicts
  • Find stable footing in your relationship again


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What Others are Saying

Sarah K.

Lindsay's understanding of communication helped answer my relationship questions. Her insight into building open, healthy relationships and maintaining trust was very helpful. 

Poppy D.

Lindsay helped me realize there are different blueprints for relationships and through the discovery of Polyamory I discovered myself. 

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